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Techtalks 2022 | Environmental Science and Technology

AGAT’s National Tech Talks – MARCH 7-18 2022

AGAT’s National Virtual Tech Talks – MARCH 7-18 2022


In follow up to last year’s successful move to a virtual format, AGAT is excited to once again host our 2 week long morning educational series  bringing together individuals from various disciplines and industries to share the latest in scientific and technological advances encompassing both the Environmental and Energy sectors.  This season has brought together another strong roster of quality content that reflects not only the highly specialized work that is done in our country in the fields of environmental science and technology, but also a focus on information that supports us all in our business and personal endeavors. These accomplished professionals from across Canada will present on a suite of topics we hope you each find interesting and educational.

Grab your favorite hot beverage and come join us for 2nd season of morning series of AGAT Tech Talks in virtual format!

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