AGAT laboratories Acquires Stratum Reservoir (Canada)

AGAT Laboratories Acquires Stratum Reservoir (Canada)

May 4, 2023

AGAT Laboratories Ltd. (‘AGAT’) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Canadian Operations of Stratum Reservoir (Canada), ULC (‘Stratum’) a highly reputable industry leader in reservoir characterization, applied geosciences and advanced analysis and interpretation of rocks and fluids. The Stratum acquisition, which in Canada was the former Hycal and Weatherford labs, brings with it experienced multi-disciplinary personnel and 120,000 additional square feet housing state of the art equipment, instrumentation and technology which serves to expand knowledge and capacity within AGAT’s Centers of Scientific Excellence in Canada. This new addition to AGAT’s service offerings includes expanded services in the areas of Pressure Volume Reservoir Testing ( PVT) , Advanced Core Analysis (SCAL) and geochemistry investigations but further more with new evaluations across emerging markets such as carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), geothermal, hydrogen, helium and critical minerals exploration.

This is a strategic time in AGAT’s development as we complete construction of a 70,000 square foot Minerals Division Center of Excellence in Calgary servicing the Canadian precious and base metals resource industry. The Stratum acquisition supports AGAT’s visions of an integrated lab offering which covers all necessary analysis to support the exploration and development of Canada’s resources. As we continue to see Canada step up the call for action as a leader in emerging energy markets, renewable resources, and emissions reductions, AGAT remains committed in its support of research and technology in achieving these goals. Canada’s vast Resources offer unparallelled opportunities for development of our Resources in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. “Whether it’s the focus for the Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy, the 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan or the work of industry leaders like Pathways Alliance – we will be there to support the targets that will shape our future for generations to come” says Marissa Reckmann CEO, AGAT Labs.

“We are pleased to have entered into an agreement with AGAT Laboratories, a premier service provider in Canada” said Ricardo Carossino, Stratum Reservoir’s CEO. “This transaction will enable Stratum Reservoir to focus on its key markets in North America, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and Africa. We are confident that AGAT will continue to honor the legacy of both companies and maintain focus on advancing the science, technology and research required to strengthen the many established and emerging industries they support within Canada.”

The effective date of the acquisition is presently scheduled for June 1, 2023 as we look forward to the transition and integration of the Stratum Canada team into AGAT’s operations.

About AGAT Laboratories

AGAT Laboratories is a highly specialized Canadian owned laboratory headquartered in Calgary, Alberta providing analytical solutions worldwide renowned for providing accurate, timely and defensible solutions to complex analytical requests with a constant focus on ensuring “Service Beyond Analysis” to its national and international clients.

With 45 locations coast to coast, supported by our 12 Centers of Excellence in Calgary, Alberta; AGAT Laboratories services a wide spectrum of industries, inclusive of , Geosciences, Advanced Core and Materials, Reservoir Characterization, Petroleum Testing, Lubricant Testing, Air Quality Monitoring, Environmental Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Ultra-Trace and Toxicology, Food Testing, Agricultural Analysis and Mining Geochemistry.

AGAT continues to demonstrate its commitment to building Canadian Controlled Science and Technology.

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About Stratum Reservoir

Stratum Reservoir is an industry leader in rock, fluid, and stable isotope analysis for the energy, mining, and agricultural industries. Our network of laboratories around the world, produces high precision analytical data that our global team of subject matter experts use to deliver scientific insights that enable our customers to gain a thorough understanding of their natural resources.

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Marissa Reckmann, P.Chem.
Chef de la direction

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