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AGAT Laboratories Chain of Custody (COC) Forms

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Chain of Custody (COC) forms are provided with each sampling kit and can be customized upon request. Complete instructions of analysis, reporting requirements and a signed Chain of Custody Form must be provided at the time of sample submission.

Customized COC forms will be developed to reflect local regulations and preferences.  Our Logistical Control Division ensure that COC forms are properly completed including noting the temperature of coolers upon receipt and whether or not the custody seal is intact upon arrival at an AGAT facility. Please visit our Locations page for a list of AGAT facilities for sample drop off.

Environmental Chemistry COCs
Food Testing COC
Environmental Toxicology COC
Forensics Testing COC
Mining Geochemistry COC
Petroleum Testing Services COC
Oil Sands COC
Rock Properties COC
Supply Request Forms
Environmental Turn Around Time
Environmental Chemistry Sampling Guidelines

The following attachments have charts that provide the correct container and preservative selection for environmental parameters. The AGAT Laboratories Sampling System ensures quality and simplicity.

Ontario Collection and Submitting Samples Information

Packing A Cooler – Click for Tips and Tricks!

Requirements for Client Sample Submissions

Long Term Storage Agreements

Please download and then email the completed form to your Client Services Representative or to

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