Information Technology

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Our IS Department is staffed with the best hardware and software specialists. They have designed our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The LIMS integrates data capture, real-time statistical process control, standard and custom report generation, data integrity checking and more. Our custom-designed, web-based systems allow maximum cost and time efficiency for all of your business needs.

Workload Control System

Our Work Load Control System allows us to continuously monitor samples as they move throughout the lab. This system generates a “Jobs in Progress” report available for viewing to all lab managers and supervisors. This report allows the monitoring and tracking of all work orders, as well as for the prioritizing of each job. Rush jobs will appear first on the report, alerting lab management and personnel of the time-sensitive nature of these jobs.

In addition to the “Jobs in Progress” reports, we also have internal monitoring systems tracking staff saturation as well as instrument workflow. By consistently reviewing these reports, we are able to take a proactive approach in assuring our lab is fully staffed and instrumentation is in place to accommodate our peak seasons. These measures allow us to maintain exceptional turn-around times.


At AGAT Laboratories, we understand that the ability to collect, manage and communicate information quickly and efficiently is key to improving productivity. To meet these needs, our internal Information Systems (IS) Department has custom-designed web-based systems that allow you to download analytical reports and data in a variety of formats. This includes official, signed analytical reports for submission to regulatory bodies as well as the ability to download customizable reports.

These online programs also allow full data processing such as complex modelling, information such as regulatory guidelines and methodologies and object-oriented development packages. read more…

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